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NHL cracking down on trash talk 'across the board'

USA Today - 3 hours 2 min ago

With microphones and cameras everywhere and social media prominent, the league is taking needed steps to be more sensitive.

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Woman accused of mailing explosives to Texas Governor Greg Abbot, President Obama

USA Today - 3 hours 40 min ago

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott opened the package, but it failed to explode.

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New John Conyers accuser: He showed up to a meeting in his underwear

USA Today - 4 hours 2 min ago

New Conyers accuser: He showed up to a meeting in his underwear

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Here's looking at you, 'Casablanca,' on the film's 75th anniversary

USA Today - 4 hours 49 min ago

Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman became an immortal screen pairing in the Oscar-winning film, which premiered Nov. 26, 1942.

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Thanksgiving Day grows in importance for shoppers

USA Today - 6 hours 4 min ago

Thanksgiving Day has grown in importance, with sales kicking off before the dinner dishes have been cleared away.

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Study to look at long-term health risks of playing soccer

USA Today - 6 hours 6 min ago

A major study into whether soccer players are at risk of degenerative brain disease has been commissioned amid concerns that the sport's authorities in England haven't done enough to tackle the issue

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Joe Thomas rips Troy Aikman for suggest Dwight Freeney should play

USA Today - 6 hours 10 min ago

What Aikman said was irresponsible.

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Self-driving cars programmed to decide who dies in a crash

USA Today - 6 hours 18 min ago

Hard choices have to be made

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'Thanksgiving miracle': Toddler given kidney after transplant controversy in Georgia

USA Today - 7 hours 19 min ago

A.J. Burgess was supposed to receive a kidney last month.

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The 2018 Golden Globe Awards host is ... Seth Meyers

USA Today - 7 hours 35 min ago

After Jimmy Fallon was MC last year, Seth Meyers is taking over.

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Best of NFL Thanksgiving games 2017

USA Today - 8 hours 1 min ago

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Chris Hemsworth reveals the out-of-control horse ride he started on '12 Strong'

USA Today - 8 hours 19 min ago

Chris Hemsworth urged his fellow actors onto a crazed horse ride on the set of '12 Strong.' You herd this here first.

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2017 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

USA Today - 8 hours 46 min ago

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Rare photo shows Billy the Kid and the man who shot him, experts say

USA Today - 9 hours 1 min ago

A North Carolina attorney bought the photo for $5 at a flea market. It could be worth millions.

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Thanksgiving rhyme: 99 things to be thankful for in NHL

USA Today - 9 hours 5 min ago

USA TODAY Sports NHL columnist Kevin Allen put together some rhymes for his favorite things in the sport.

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Ready, set, shop!: Store hours for Thanksgiving, Black Friday

USA Today - 9 hours 18 min ago

Plan your holiday shopping down to the minute.

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Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade: Floats, bands and tight security

USA Today - 9 hours 36 min ago

For millions of Americans, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is as big a part of the holiday as turkey and football.

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'Explosion' detected near Argentine submarine's last known location

USA Today - 9 hours 39 min ago

The ARA San Juan went missing Nov. 15 with 44 crew on board.

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These life hacks will help you survive the holidays

USA Today - 9 hours 40 min ago

These handy tips will help you this Thanksgiving, and beyond.

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