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'He's daddy's hero': 9-year-old saves injured dad from drowning after diving accident in Florida

1 hour 6 min ago

A 9-year-old Pensacola boy is being lauded as a hero by his family after helping to pull his father out of the water after a serious diving accident at Quietwater Beach.

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Facebook, Twitter remove Trump coronavirus posts of Fox interview about kids being 'almost immune'

1 hour 7 min ago

Facebook took down post from President Trump's personal page of a Fox News interview in which he said that children are "almost immune" from COVID-19.

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Activist Daisy Coleman, subject of Netflix's 'Audrie & Daisy' documentary, dies at 23

1 hour 31 min ago

Daisy Coleman, focus of 'Audrie & Daisy,' a Netflix documentary about sexual assault, has died at 23. The activist was planning a new documentary.

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Cameron Diaz reveals to Gwyneth Paltrow why she left Hollywood: 'I got a peace in my soul'

2 hours 19 min ago

In a conversation with Gwyneth Paltrow, which streamed live on YouTube Wednesday, Cameron Diaz discussed why she stepped back from her acting career.

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Complicating coronavirus stimulus is the last thing struggling unemployment offices need

2 hours 41 min ago

Our View: Extending $600 a week may be too much, but under the Republican plan, states would have to calculate 70% of lost income for every applicant.

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Unemployment $200 bonus is still generous without discouraging people to go back to work

2 hours 45 min ago

Opposing view: Congressional negotiators debating whether to extend federal unemployment benefits should support the Senate Republicans' plan.

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Returning to our roots: Black Americans are redefining relationship to the land with gardening, farming

3 hours 44 min ago

For these Black gardeners and farmers, part of the appeal of tending to the soil is a sense of pride and empowerment.

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Fact check: Dr Pepper shortage? No. But aluminum can shortage may be behind lack of supply

3 hours 51 min ago

Reports of Dr Pepper shortages across the country have made their way to social media. High demand for aluminum cans could be to blame.

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Trump campaign requests presidential debate in early September to address early voting

4 hours 8 min ago

The Trump campaign has asked to move up the last debate to the first week in September if the election commission denies their request to add a fourth debate.

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TikTok, WeChat and 'untrusted' Chinese apps should be removed from U.S. app stores, Pompeo says

4 hours 35 min ago

The U.S. wants "untrusted" Chinese apps removed from U.S. app stores, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday, calling out TikTok and WeChat.

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Posting selfies from The Bean? Make sure you're not in violation of Chicago's travel quarantine

4 hours 56 min ago

Visitors and residents violating Chicago's 14-day quarantine after travel to COVID-19 hot spots are subject to fines of $100 to $500 a day.

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Dems, White House inch closer on coronavirus stimulus deal with hopes of agreement by end of week

5 hours 12 min ago

The White House's lead negotiators said they might halt talks on a stimulus package if a deal is not reached by Friday.

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The amount of Arctic sea ice melted away to a record low for the month of July

5 hours 28 min ago

Sea ice affects Arctic wildlife and helps regulate the planet's temperature. July's totals hit a record low, scientists say.

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Gallup poll finds highest Supreme Court approval rating since 2009

5 hours 32 min ago

Approval of the Supreme Court increased four percentage points since September 2019 and seven percentage points since September 2018.

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Missouri voters OK Medicaid expansion to cover more low-income adults, defying GOP leaders

5 hours 39 min ago

The vote virtually assures Missouri will be the 38th state to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

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Defense Secretary Esper says Beirut blast probably an accident, breaking with Trump

5 hours 50 min ago

Defense Secretary Mark Esper contradicted President Trump on the cause of the blast that killed at 135 people and wounded 5,000.

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'Absolutely devastating': Salma Hayek, Ariana Grande and more stars send love to Beirut

6 hours 35 min ago

Celebrities, such as Salma Hayek, Halsey and Ariana Grande, are using their platforms to raise awareness about the tragic explosion in Lebanon.

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NCAA releases requirements for schools hoping to play fall sports, leading Division III to cancel fall championships

6 hours 43 min ago

The NCAA on Wednesday released a set of requirements for all schools wishing to complete fall sports competition during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Who is Cori Bush, the nurse, pastor and activist who ended a 52-year political dynasty?

6 hours 44 min ago

Clay had held the seat since 2001 after succeeding his father, former Rep. William Lacy Clay, Sr., who won it in 1968.

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Reporter reflects on Beirut explosion, burying a dog who made 'dystopia more bearable'

6 hours 45 min ago

Journalist Nadia al-Faour was at the vet when the Beirut explosion struck: "I will miss Loulou as I walk the streets of a broken city."

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