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SCTA keeps you connected to your favorite programs & news stations. See below for details on our services and prices. 

Digital Video Rates & Monthly Charges

Base Line Video (includes one standard set top box) $34.00
Expanded Video (includes one standard set top box) $95.00
HBO Package $17.00
Cinemax Package $15.00
Showtime/Movie Channel Package $15.00
Starz/Encore Package $15.00
Additional Standard Set Top Box $5.00
PVR Set Top Box (Personal Video Recorder) $7.00

Connection & Misc Charges

TV install – Time and material $50.00 per hr
Reconnect $15.00
Replacement Remote Control $25.00
HDMI Cable $15.00
Surge Protector $15.00

This service is delivered through the high speed internet service and will provide our customers with high definition video. In order to successfully install this system each house must be thoroughly wired with category 5e wiring. This category 5e wire should be home-run to every location in the house where a television, telephone, or computer will be. This system does not use coax. For any questions or concerns contact Springville Co-op. Telephone at 319-854-6107.

Video is billed one month in advance.

*Labor rates for installations – $50/hour. One hour minimum.

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