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Auto pay

Life gets hectic! Let Us Help!

Set up your payments automatically through your checking account or debit/credit card. Payments are withdrawn from checking on the 15th of the month, debit/credit payments are withdrawn on the 20th of the month.

Fill out the PDF below and return, email, or fax to our office.

Bank auto draft/bank card authorization form.

Billing Policy Applies to all Services

The bills will be sent on the 10th of the month and are due within 20 days of the postmark. If not paid, the Customer will receive a written notice to pay. If payment is still not received, service will be disconnected and reconnect charges will apply to each restored service. A one month minimum billing applies to all services provided by Springville Co-op Telephone Assn., Inc.

Email statements now available.  Contact the office at 319-854-6107

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